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Travel with babies and Toddlers to Walt Disney World

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When you travel with a baby or a toddler to a new place, you always ask yourself whether this is the right time to bring them, or if you should wait until they get older. The answer to the question varies and depends on you and your personality. We consider Disney World offers options for kids all ages, and what matters is to choose which one fits better our kids.

If you are traveling with a baby, our recommendation is going to Epcot. There you will find that most of the attractions and activities are adult oriented and can be enjoyed while carrying the baby with you. In addition to it, the park is less crowded, and there is such variety of things and a beautiful landscape that neither you nor the baby are going to get bored. Take advantage of the moments when the baby take a nap on the stroller and taste the delicious food from all over the world Epcot offers to its visitors.


On the other hand, and if you have a toddler, our recommendation is going to Magic Kingdom: at this park the toddlers can enjoy seeing in person Mickey and Minnie, and ride the many attractions build specifically for them.

Our advice, if your toddler happens to be more active during the morning hours, is to be at the park at the time it opens, usually at 9am: it is less crowded and the lines are shorter.

If you are staying on one of the Disney owned resorts, then you should take advantage of the Disney’s Magic hours: the park is either opened earlier of closed later just for the enjoyment of the resort guests.

Toddlers and babies love Mickey, and our suggestion is going to “Town Square Theater” to take a picture with this beloved character as soon as you enter the park:  they are rested and anxious, and will for sure appreciate having the chance of seeing Mickey in person. Just be cautious: they may get nervous seeing him so close to them and will need you there to give them security; our advice: hold them by their hand and explain them Mickey is there to please him/her.

Immediately thereafter go to Main Street, and take a picture of the kids with Cinderella’s Castle. Remember that at Disney there are always photographers who can take professional pictures of your party; the first photographer will give you a card with the details for you to get the pictures either when exiting the park or to order them on-line, and from there on you will just need to give the card to the photographers so that they can scan it and add the pictures to your carpet.



The first ride we recommend is “Small World. This is a boat ride, very safe for toddlers all ages. The ride is very colorful, and the song theme is very nice. The lines for this attraction every time we have ridden it have been short and move really fast: we recommend repeating it as it may be one of the toddlers’ favorites.


After leaving “Small World”, and if the line is not too long, you can go to “Peter Pan’s Flight”. On this one you will fly, on a magical pirate ship, over London. Take into account, if your baby/toddler does not like dark places, that the lights on this ride can be low and get dark at some moments, but it is worth it: it is beautiful.

Next go to the “Prince CHARMING Regal Carrousel” where you both, you and your toddler, will enjoy together ride on a beautiful horse. The lines for this attractions are normally short, and therefore you can enjoy it countless times.

If you toddler happens to like movies, you can go to “Mickey’s PhilharMagic”. This is a 3D concert movie starred by many of the Disney’s favorite Disney characters. It is very colorful and has vibrant music.

It will be lunch time by the moment you have ridden all this attractions, and our recommendation is having lunch to “Pinocchio village haus”. The menu there is varied and balanced; you will find delicious mac and cheese, an exquisite tomato soup, and a marvelous Italian weeddding soup. They also offer chicken breast nuggets served with French fries or apple slices, and Penne Pasta for the baby/toddler pasta lovers.

Enjoy your lunch, but don’t stay there for a long time or you may not be able to get a good place for the 3pm Main Parade. Don’t miss the Parade: your kids will enjoy it the most: not only all characters are going to be there, but many will interact directly with the kids, and the music and the choreographies are fantastic

After the parade the most probable is that the baby/toddler is going to be so tired, that they will need a long nap to get rested: this is a time for you to enjoy the park!

There are other rides that are perfect for toddlers:

– Dumbo the Flying Elephant:  there you will find not only the Dumbo ride, but a beautiful playground. Step inside the big-top tent and enjoy an air-conditioned playground complete with slides, climbing net, and even a toddler section. If your kid wants to enjoy the playground you will be given a pager that “virtually” holds your place in line so that you can return to the ride and enjoy it at any time.  At the exit you can take a nice picture of your baby/toddler with Dumbo.

-On “The Magic Carpets of Aladdin” you and your kid will be taken off on a magical ride above a bustling bazaar aboard an enchanted carpet that you control up and down.

– “Under the Sea ~ Journey of The Little Mermaid” is a beautiful ride on which you are in colorful clamshell and go around the little mermaid world and enjoy all of the movie’s most memorable songs.

– Embark on a cruise at the “Jungle Cruise” ride, and while on it encounter awesome wonders of nature. Your toddler will see hippos, elephants, lions, giraffes, curious gorillas, and even Cobras when you past through a dark temple. Please don’t worry: all animals are animatronics.

-“The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” is a beautiful ride on which you make your way through a colorful, song-filled storybook illustration. The waiting area is very nice for the toddler to play around.

Remember each toddler is different, and that they are unpredictable: don’t get frustrated if he/she doesn’t like some of the activities, but enjoy with him or her the ones that do enjoy: you’ll just need to accept that not everything will go according to the plan. Take a lot of pictures and relax.